Energy efficiency, new materials and processes, material circularity and well-being in cities

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Property management and regulatory drivers of the future place ever higher demands on sustainable properties. Mestro has developed a cloud-based platform that helps companies to monitor, take control of and reduce their energy use. The customer’s energy data is collected, analyzed and visualized in real-time – fully automated. Mestro offers modules in sustainability reporting, cost control and analysis. This way, the user can save both time, emissions and energy costs. Or as Mestro team says – “Spend Less Energy”

Mestro joins as a partner for this accelerator batch and selected startups will have a possibility to discuss partnerships and plug into their customer ecosystem.

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How do we define Smart Cities?

In order to reach net-zero we need technologies that help us to reduce 51 billion tons we emit each year and help us get closer to zero. By shifting from fossil fuels and electrifying everything using advance technologies we can accelerate this shift, tackle climate change at large and make our economy growth sustainable.If your company falls into one of the ten categories below, we would love to hear from you and we encourage you to apply.

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