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+Impact is a family of non-financial products by Danske Bank Growth. Since 2018 we ran +impact accelerator, grow the Hub, job board for startups, and produce reports on the state of the impact tech in the Nordics. As Danske Bank Growth, we offer non-dilutive financing, easy digital banking and state-of-the-art global cross-border infrastructure to fast-growing startups.


More than 1500 Nordic impact startups have profiles
on our digital platform – theHub.io

Eat Grim

Eat Grim is a platform for
ugly and surplus fruits and
vegetables. We are fighting
one of the world’s most…
Consumer Goods, Marke...


GoMore is a rapidly
growing online service for
ridesharing, peer-to-peer
car rental, and car leasing…
Consumer Goods, Marke...


Bower’s vision is to make
recycling a rewarding no-
brainer and create a world
free from trash…
Consumer Goods, Marke...

Low-Fi Concerts

At Low-Fi we want people
to experience live music in a
meaningful way. To do so
we have created an…
Consumer Goods, Marke...

By bringing facts to the table we help accelerate the progress
of the ecosystem. Predictably, not all myths about impact
startups hold true.

  • Insight on 1.230 impact startups and 1.365 funding rounds
  • VC investment into Green Growth startups 12X since 2016
  • Nordic impact startups receive 25% more job applications.
  • In ’20 Nordic startups within Green Smart Cities got €152M in funding.

We have the most effective network to grow your connections.

+impact accelerator powered by Danske Bank, RI.SE and WeWork Labs