Welcome the new batch of the +impact accelerator!

Should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.

For this very reason, we decided to design a program that will support Nordic start ups adressing the most pressing issues that can be solved by circular business models.


Currently accelerating batch 3!

Atomler connects organisations who have available recyclable plastic material with organisations who need such materials that are cheaper than virgin material. The recycling rate in EU is roughly at around 30% and they aim to help accelerate that rate to around 70% by 2030.

BeResourceful has created the first IoT solution that allows real-time monitoring of building elements. Our sensors detect damages as they occur and send out alarms for Facility Managers.

BlueBenu is a danish startup working on the reverse engineering of plastic waste. Our focus is on developing a new technology to treat plastic pollution by reprocessing mixed and dirty plastic waste that currently cannot be recycled, transforming these neglected waste streams into low-footprint crude oil and sustainable petrochemicals.

Budkeep introduces the storage market to the sharing economy. Rent out your storage unit, garage or attic to a neighbour. Budkeep assists in the entire rental process to make it smooth and safe.

With the help of their local communities, CoReorient help businesses and consumers adopt more sustainable and easy daily lives – as a service. 

Fauna Smart Technologies build products based on long-term scientific research. In this way they create green and infinitely sustainable agro-ecosystems, healthy for us as consumers and healthy for our Planet.

Ihopa makes co-owning easy & secure by providing a straight forward process and all the tools for an effortless sharing. By unlocking this clever consumption behaviour ihopa enables retailers to sell to co-owning groups. Smart and sustainable.

Hack Your Closet is a monthly subscription, rotation service for second-hand clothes.  The items and handpicked for you in partnership and collaboration with vintage shops and brands.

Lokalist´s mission is to ensure more sustainable use of the millions of electronics that get produced every year by making it easy and profitable to upcycle your used electronics.

SammeVei is the leading ridesharing app in Norway, developing a software for the urban commute in the autonomous future. Our partnership with leading public transportation operators connect us with thousands of users. We believe in self-sufficient and connected communities for zero emission urban commute.

SWITCHR is the global movement where you and your friends own and make money on solar panels in large scale power plants. You create a passive income while following the energy production in real time on your smart-phone.

Move the world

It’s happening. We help impact startups strengthen their business models, innovate faster, understand their target-market and get sh*t done.

What is
+impact accelerator

Our mission is to support impact startups, and bridge the development gap by scaling their solutions.  We are on a constant look out  for entrepreneurs to join us on the journey for impact at scale!

Who are we looking for

Are you an entrepreneur who believes in making systemic change through the power of business? Great, then you are meeting the base criteria for this program. We do, however have a couple of more points for you to meet:

We are looking for early stage start-ups. Pre- seed or during first seed capital stages

Your solution needs to be addressing  SDG no.12- Responsible Consumption and Production

Your company has at least two cofounders

Your company is located in at least one of the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden

Your business model has potential to scale (preferably structured around tech)

Joining +impact accelerator is a commitment so we will need you to show up for weekly check-ins, lectures and mentor sessions.

Why you should apply

  1. You will be lead through a program co-designed by WeWork Labs and RISE ( Research Instiniute of Sweden)
  2. We know the struggles of being a young enterprise, so we will provide your start-up with a grant of 27,000 SEK to cover your accommodation expenses during the program.
  3. You will work from an WeWork’s space in Stockholm, that will help you build the network of likeminded people!
  4. Throughout the program, you will get access to excellent mentors that will help you crack the toughest business challenges.
  5. Association with a strong brands such as Danske Bank,  Katapult Accelerator, WeWork Labs and RISE.

Timeline and deadlines

  • Application Deadline

    October 3rd

  • Selection Annoucement

    October 8th

  • Relocation to Stockholm

    October 21st (latest)

  • Launch Night

    October 21st

  • Demo Day

    December 12th


Alumni Companies

Blue Lobster connect fishermen and fishmongers with local fish consumers, by allowing fish consumers to see where and what fresh fish is available.

Comeat is new concept within the experience economy, targeting people with a passion for traveling, eating good food and meeting new people from around the world.

Eachthing is a digital home for all things, that helps conscious consumers chose products that match their needs and values.

Lupinta is a new innovative, sustainable alternative for soy products. They stand for eating tasty, healthy & environmentally friendly food, and want to decrease soy importation from outside the EU.

Urbankiddo is a new platform and application that enables parents to access free kidswear from local wardrobes.

Working out never felt this good. Planet Nusa makes sustainable, recycled, organic, EU produced active wear.

Råhandel create better conditions for small scale food producers by making it easy to trade directly with restaurants and shops

Yogut is a functional foods generator providing personalized and sustainable foods.

TotalCtrl gives businesses expiration date based tech solutions to help decrease food waste in their business and in their customers’ homes.

Wholi is working to create a sustainable and globally responsible food culture through delicious and healthy foods with bugs.

Memorix is super charging your learning and brings the powers of co-creation and collective intelligence into EdTech. They transport learners into a 3D world which they can equip with learning into material and create a memory places.

Drowzee uses the latest research from NTNU on neurofeedback in their B2C-solution aimed at reliving people of insomnia.

New Movements creates comfortable sneakers made with recycled materials, while in the process, cleaning the ocean form plastic waste with each pair you buy.

SignLab is creating an internationally adaptable learning platform for teaching sign language to communities, siblings, and parents to the millions of deaf children in the world.

With their motto “Save money, save the planet”, Useless is creating an impact investing platform, engaging people to use less and invest what they save.

Lulu Lab develops educational games on taboo topics to make it easier to speak out loud about even the difficult things.

Everfells promotes responsible travel through their online platform for discovering, booking, and hosting the best sustainable nature experiences on the planet.

To help the over 300 million children globally who never get to learn basic skills in math, reading and writing, Checheza aims to combat this by providing a locally relevant and effective digital complement to school in the form of game-based digital literacy and math training.

With renowned paediatrician and Professor at Karolinska University Hospital, Claude Marcus, on their team, Provement is developing a B2B-solution to help doctors and parents better combat childhood obesity.

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